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Cue Diagram

Full Splice Cues are available as an upgrade in either  Ebony or Rosewood and include all of the above... 

Our Standard Basic Cues (short splice) are 58" in overall length and in equal parts unless otherwise requested...

Each cue includes:

  • 2 Shafts with 1" Natural Ferrules
  • Medium / Hard LePro Tips with Fiber Backing
  • Functional compression style piloted Stainless steel joint
  • 5/16x14 Stainless Steel Joint Screw
  • Black or Brown Trim Collars with .060 wide Nickel Silver Trim Rings
  • Straight, Birdseye or Curly Maple Forearm with 4 Points and 4 Veneers
  • Rosewood or Ebony Centers
  • Irish Linen Wrap
  • Matching Rosewood or Ebony Butt Sleeve
  • White Delrin Butt Cap
  • Brown Rubber Bumper 

Please submit a FULL DESCRIPTION from tip to bumper and we will be more than happy to quote a price and timeframe for delivery. Once an order is received, reviewed and agreed upon, a 20% deposit will be required.

Should the need arise to cancel an order:

Deposits are refundable as long as the cue is "NORMAL" in design and dimensions.  Otherwise, the deposit will be returned once the cue has been finished and sold...